Detailed Bibliography Edwin Wilson

Books / Published Articles / Poems / Papers / other Publications

2020, Family Tree: Old Friends, Rich Relations (an idiosyncratic family history of Edwin James (Peter) Wilson, pot, painter and botanist from East Wardell/Mullumbimby/Crows Nest), ISBN 978 0 949557 28 5, December 2020.

2020, Stardust Painter-Poet II, an upgrade of my earlier edition, with significant new paintings since 2015, ISBN 978 0 949557 25 4, September 2020.

2019, Long-Distance Poet: A Portrait of the Poet as an Old Fart, my third book of Poetic Memoirs, ISBN 978 0 040557 24 7, February 2019.

2018, Synthesis, a selection of my poetry set to the collected pencil drawings of the late Elizabeth McAlpine, ISBN 987 0 949557 17 9, April 2018.

2017, the following Mullumbimby poems (plus Mullumbimby lioncut and detail of painting of ‘My Brother Jim’ with shanghai) were published in the Nimbin Literary Magazine, Beyond the Rainbow, No. 93, November-December 2017: ‘Homage to a Mountain’ (Chincogan, Mullumbimby), ‘Chincogan (Chinny) Dreaming’ (‘Mount’ Chincogan/Chinny), ‘Pink Rock Lily’, ‘Mullumbimby Revisited’, ‘Strangler Fig’, ‘Then God Invented Weeds’, and ‘Big Brother’ (My Brother Jim), received 17 November.

2017, Lord Nelson, Uncle Oliver and I: the Life and Death of Oliver Bainbridge, much more expansive biography (from my 2013 Monograph) of my great-great uncle Frank Nelson (aka Oliver Bainbridge), poet, writer, orator, explorer, self-styled anthropologist and spy for Empire, pp. 402 (including preliminaries), ISBN 978 0 049557 16 2, June 2017.

2016, Lionel Arthur Gilbert, OAM’, 1924-2015: ‘The Botanical Connection’, Journal and Proceedings, Armidale and District Historical Society Inc., No 59, November.

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2014, ‘Flowering Trunk’ poem published (along with a mention of the Tweed River Exhibition) in Verandah Magazine (Byron Bay and Beyond), spring 2014.

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2012  Second edition of The Mullumbimby Kid (with new material obtained on finding my brother in 2003 and cover detail of one of my Mullumbimby Paintings), Woodbine Press, pp. 288, ISBN 978 0 949557 30 8 (hardcover, posted on the Internet 2012).

2012  Gumnut News, No. 78, April 2012, reprint of ‘Gumnut City’ poem (to May Gibbs on her birthday).

2012  ‘Waratah’ poem, Caleyi, January/February 2012, electronic Newsletter of Northern Beaches Group of Australian Plant Society.

2011  Featured in and assisted with the production of a book on Guiding in the Gardens, entitled A Walk in the Gardens: 30 years of volunteer guiding in the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney.

2010    New Selected Poems: A Collection of Flowers 1967 – 2009, Woodbine Press, pp. 288, ISBN 978 0 949557 31 5 (paperback, posted on the Internet as a PDF in 2011).

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2006    ‘The Making of Mount Annan’, Edwin Wilson and Barbara Briggs, Australian Garden History, Vol 18 No 2, Sept/Oct 2006 (unfortunately this paper was severely cut by the editor of this Journal. A longer version, entitled ‘Birth of a Garden: Mount Annan Botanic Garden, near Campbelltown, south-west of Sydney’, was posted on the website of the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney (October 2006).

2008    Repeat of ‘A Stroll in the Gardens’, Poetica, Radio National, 26 January.

2008    included in The Bibliography of Australian Literature, P-Z, John Arnold and John Hay, Queensland University Press (in body of text (alphabetically) but strangely not included in the index).

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2005    Related to Lord Nelson? An article on Andrew St Clare Nelson and his purported links to Hortio Nelson, The Nelson Yearbook.

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2002    ‘The Batanic Garden’ (The Mel and Ed Show), Play for RBG Twilight Walks, a conversation between a stupid bat (Eric, played by Steve Paul) and an Ibis (Fatima, played by Debbie Lennis) – written by Edwin Wilson, with dialogue assistance from Melissa Hamilton, performed as  Live Theatre in Gardens, January.

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1999    Inducted into the Mullumbimby High School ‘Hall of Fame’ as their fifth member, 22 February.

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