Upcoming Talks/Exhibions

Edwin Wilson will talk at S.H. Ervin Gallery, ‘Salon Des Refuses’ Exhibition, on Sunday afternoon, 10 June at 3.00 pm.


His landscape ‘Boogarem Falls’, of the escarpment behind Mullumbimby is currently on display in this Gallery.


As a child I collected orchids at the base of the escarpment of Boogrem Falls, behind Mullumbimby, as described in The Mullumbimby Kid: A Portrait of the Poet as a Child (posted on my Website, edwinwilson.com.au).

In the pioneer days massive logs were hauled to the edge of escarpments, to be flushed out during periodic floods. One bullocky, working in the high grounds had been hauling logs when they became stuck between trees. Try as he might he could not free these logs so he took his trusty axe and cut the logs free, saying ‘Boogarem’ (that is ‘bugger them’), thus giving a name to the mountain and the waterfall.


(This story told to me by my cabinet-maker step-father, Henry Forbes, of pioneering stock, who knew the said bullocky, and am sorry I did not write down his name as I can’t remember it now. This same story has been recorded by Margaret Henderson in one of her compilations of far-north-coast names)